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Welcome to WordlessTale

Let us help you tell your VisualTale

WordlessTale is a Calgary based commercial photography service with a focus on product photography, and art documentation. This means we're darn good at making your product look good.

We also provide promotional photography for the rest of you creative types. Need some striking images of your sword swallowing act? We'll help arrange a shoot location that suits your sharp style.

With any documentation we offer post processing, editing and all around image preparation so you can skip the cropping, backgroud editing, preparation nit-picking, and just get the images out to your clients.

We do not offer Portrait, Event or Wedding services. We focus on commercial photography so we can be our best at doing just that. If you're looking for someone to shoot that special day; it isn't us - but we'd be happy to refer you to a few great photographers who might be right for you.

Have something specific in mind? Send us an email. We love a challenge.